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Black(HI-150) FAQ

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  • Most gas sensors are affected by the external environment and are likely to change.
    Sometimes you’re required to calibrate by yourself during ventilation or near the window.

    Self-calibration cycle,
    1. When VOC does not drop below 0.050ppm during ventilation and/or,
    2. When CO2 is not lowered below 450ppm during ventilation and/or,
    3. When the VOC or CO2 measurement is suspected to be abnormal.

  • 1. Charge for more than 1 hour while the product is off.

    2. Place the product indoors or in a clean environment for more than 5 minutes.

    3. Press and hold the “Power button” until the Huma-i logo is displayed.

    4. "CALIBRATION" is displayed on the screen, and calibration is performed automatically for 3~4 minutes.
    *** If "CALIBRATION" is not displayed on the screen, turn off the product and return to step 3.

    5. When calibration is finished, the product automatically turns off and on.

  • If the value is "0" during measurement, a purifier is operating properly.

    If "0" is continuously displayed, the small particles in the sensor area are occasionally stuck to the sensor side due to electrostatic phenomena, which prevents normal measurement. In this case, blow off the suction side of the device, located on the left side of the product front, strongly 2 or 3 times and it will work normally. If this is not the case and you keep seeing "0", please contact the customer service center nearby.

  • It is designed to automatically power off when there is no operation for 10 minutes to protect battery life.
    If you want to use continuously, then press the power button lightly to extend the use for another 10 minutes.
    The automatic power-off function does not work when the power cable is connected.

  • Huma-i shows the air quality level in real-time as the internal fan is actively and constantly sucking in the air just around you.
    The fan sounds a faint vibratory tone.
    If you rub the tissue lightly on the fan inlet, you can see that the value changes in real-time.

    If you want to learn more about Huma-i measuring algorithm, click the below link.

  • We recommend using the following.
    1. When you receive the product for the first time, please charge it for more than one hour.
    2. We recommend that you connect to the charger before going to bed.
    (It is better to charge the battery frequently as well)

  • OLED display shows CO2 measurement value in CO2 mode.
    To view all measurement results simultaneously, use the integrated display mode.
    Or switch to PM (Particulate Matter) measurement mode to see PM2.5 & PM10 concentration.

  • Measurements are being made, but OLED display in ICON or PM mode shows PM2.5 & PM10 value.
    To view all measurement results at the same time, switch to the integrated display mode.
    Or switch to CO2 mode to see CO2 result.

  • The measurement starts normally after 15 seconds when the VOC and CO2 measurement is first activated.
    Sometimes it is measured quickly than 15 seconds.

    In case of using for more than 10 minutes, the response time of the sensor is improved and the measurement wait time is shortened.
    If the power has not been completely disconnected (even while charging) for more than 10 minutes, the measurement wait time will be shortened.

  • It is a function to inform the user of the ventilation time for health if CO2 level is higher than 2000ppm to feel drowsy.

  • It is divided into 4 steps.

    GOOD: 400-700 ppm
    MODERATE: 701-1000 ppm
    POOR: 1001-2000 ppm
    UNHEALTHY: 2001-10000 ppm

    The recommended guideline for indoor standard is kept below 1000ppm (8 hour average), which is used by many countries around the world as recommended by ASHRAE (American Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association).
    Thus, you can judge it to be good if it is Good or Moderate stage.

  • Carbon dioxide is a colorless, tasteless gas that is heavier than air and the gas itself is less toxic, but when it is present in large quantities it increases the respiration rate of a person. It is a kind of gas that has a characteristic that it increases the risk of harm by increasing the suction of mixed harmful gas.

    The effect of CO 2 gas on our body
    - 450ppm or less: It is comfortable in normal outdoor air condition and has no effect on human body.
    - 451 ~ 700ppm: Indoor level without health problems even for long time.
    - 701 ~ 1000ppm: There is no health damage, but there is a person who feels discomfort.
    - 1001 ~ 2000ppm: The level at which the physical condition changes such as feeling drowsy and getting more sleep.
    - 2001 ~ 3000ppm: A level at which health damage begins t...

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사업자등록번호 : 722-86-01044    

TEL : 032-272-4000     FAX : 032-272-4001

E-mail : (영업 관련) / (기술 문의 및 서비스 관련)

사무실 : 인천광역시 연수구 송도문화로 119, 인천글로벌캠퍼스 B1090호 (복합문화센터)

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